Make Yahoo Messenger recognize a new webcam

Got a new webcam? You'll need to tell Yahoo Messenger to use the new one by changing your Messenger webcam settings.

 Follow your webcam manufacturer's installation instructions -This involves inserting the webcam installation CD, being guided through a few steps for installation, and rebooting your computer. (Also, be aware that plugging in the camera's USB cord at the incorrect time during the webcam software installation could cause a problem.)

Choose your new webcam

  1. In the "Messenger" window, click Messenger | select My Webcam.
    -The "Warning" window opens.

    My Webcam window
  2. Click OK.
  3. Click File | select Preferences.

    Webcam Preferences

    -The Yahoo Messenger Preferences window opens.

  4. Select Webcam Broadcast.
  5. Click Camera Source and the Camera Source window opens.

    Selecting camera source
  6. Select the webcam you want to use from the Camera Source pull-down menu, and then click OK.

    Camera Source menu

You can change your webcam at any time, but you can only set Yahoo Messenger to use a single webcam at a time. (Don't forget, when you change to a new webcam you'll need to perform a proper installation according to the manufacturer's instructions.)

Additional webcam information

  • If you only see Microsoft WDM in your webcam source, this may mean that your webcam is not activated.  In this case we recommend reinstalling the webcam drivers, please see our Troubleshooting image issues for webcam and video calling article.
  • Video calling is a new alternative to using your webcam. It'll give you better results than using traditional webcam technology.

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