Overview of Yahoo Contacts

Its easier to keep in touch with people when you add them to your Yahoo Contacts. You can add and delete contacts, sort them, merge duplicates, import and export contacts, and a lot more.

Access Contacts

In Yahoo Mail, click the Contacts icon Graphic of Contacts icon. to open up your Yahoo Contacts.

Add a new contact

  1. Click New Contact.
  2. Enter the contact's information.
    - Only part of the contact's name is required.
  3. Click Save.

  Tip: If you receive an email from a new contact, click their name and select Add to contacts to easily save their contact info.

Edit a contact's information

  1. Select a contact.
    - The contact's details will display to the right.
  2. Click Edit Details.
    - Make the modifications you want.
  3.  Click Save.

Delete a contact

  1. Select a contact.
    - Place a check beside each contact to select multiple contacts.
  2. Click Delete.
    - A confirmation window appears.
  3. Click Delete to confirm.

  Note: If a contact is deleted by mistake, you can attempt to recover deleted contacts.

See all contacts

To see all of your Yahoo Contacts, click the Contacts icon Graphic of Contacts icon..

If you don't see all of your contacts displayed, click All Contacts.

Organize Contacts

Once you've added contacts in Yahoo Mail, you can sort and group them.

Sort contacts

Organize how contacts display in your contacts list by changing their sort order:

  1. Click Actions.
  2. Select your sort preference:
    • Sort by First Name - Organizes contacts alphabetically by first name.
    • Sort by Last Name -  Organizes contacts alphabetically by last name.
    • Sort by Email - Organizes contacts alphabetically by the primary email address.
    • Reverse Sort Order - Changes the sort order from A-Z to Z-A.

Contact lists

Creating a list lets you group common contacts together that you frequently send emails to, saving you from manually adding them each time you compose a message.

Learn how to use Contact lists

Search for contacts

Have a contact that you just can't find? Just search for it!

  1. In the search bar, enter your contact's information.
    - You can use part of their name, email address, or phone number. 
  2. Click Search Contacts.

Your contacts list will refresh to show your search results.

Advanced Options

You're in control of your contacts. Merge, store, and back up their information swiftly and efficiently.

Print Contacts

Sometimes we just want a hard copy. Printing your contacts is a good way to backup your data. 

  1. Click Actions.
  2. Click Print All.
  3. Make your selections and click Print
    - Your browser's print preview window appears.
  4. Follow your browser's onscreen prompts.

Merge duplicate contacts

If you find more than one entry for a contact in your account, you can merge them!

Check out our fix duplicate contact entries article to learn how you can reduce your contacts clutter.

Import or export contacts

You can view your Yahoo Contacts with other email programs and providers. Check out our help articles for how to import and export your contacts for more information.

Sync contacts to a mobile device

Sync Yahoo Contacts to your mobile device for convenient communication on the go. 


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