Upload photos and videos to Flickr

Back up or showcase your memories on Flickr. Everything you upload is saved to your Camera Roll.

Manually upload photos or videos

From a desktop web browser, upload to Flickr from any page.

  1. Click the Upload icon Image of the upload icon. at the top.
  2. Click Choose photos and videos.
  3. Select your items and click Open.
  4. Make and changes you'd like on the left:
    • Add or edit title, description, tags, and people.
    • Add the content to an album or a group.
    • Modify who can see the items you're uploading.
  5. Click Upload, on the top-right.

Automatically backup your photos to Flickr

Every Flickr account has a minimum of 1TB of storage, which is almost 500,000 photos worth of space! Why not back up your memories to our safe and secure servers for free?

  • Computer app - Download the Mac or Windows Uploadr and pick which folders you want to back up. Everything uploads privately, so that only you can see it.
  • Mobile app - Download the Android, iPad, or iPhone Flickr app and turn Auto Uploadr on. All your photos and videos from your device will upload privately, so that only you can see it.

Additional upload info

Other ways to upload

Looking for something different? Here are some other options for uploading to Flickr:

Upload limitations

You can upload just about anything to Flickr, but there are some limits to how we handle the files. Discover what our upload limitations are.

Fix upload problems

Use these troubleshooting steps to get you over any upload speed bumps you encounter.