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Edit league roster positions after the draft

  Max roster size: Rosters can't exceed the maximum of 30 positions (active and bench), and can have no more than five DL/IR and five NA roster spots.

If you're a league commissioner and want to edit the roster positions available in your league but you've already drafted, use the steps below to make your changes.

Adding active roster positions

Creating new, active roster positions on your own isn't possible. See our support options for more assistance. You'll need to let us know the ones you want added.

Adding other roster positions

Non-active roster positions (like the ones below) can be added at any time without our help:

Adding them is easy! Just click Commish Tools, then click Edit Roster Positions.

Editing or removing roster positions

It's not possible to edit or remove roster positions once your league has drafted without resetting your league's draft, including any positions we've added for you post-draft.

Change your league's roster configuration by resetting league

  1. Reset your league's draft
  2. Click Commish Tools
  3. Click Edit Roster Positions

Edit or remove position while keeping draft results

  1. Copy the results of your draft to a text file.
  2. Reset your league’s draft.
  3. Click Edit Roster Positions.
  4. After you edit your Roster Position, click Change Draft Type.
  5. Change draft type to an Offline Draft.
  6. Manually enter the results of your previous draft.

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