NA roster spot in Yahoo Fantasy Sports

  Suspended players - Players with the "Suspended" (SUSP) status are not eligible for the NA roster position.

How the NA roster spot works

The NA (Not Active) roster spot in Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Hockey gives you the option of stashing away inactive players on your roster (like a minor leaguer or injured player) instead of using a bench position.

When you add a player to the NA roster spot, they won't count against your 30-man limit. (You'll have anywhere from 0-5 NA slots in addition to your 0-5 DL slots)

For a player to be eligible to be placed in the NA position, they need to have "NA" status in the game, which is generally applied the morning following their deactivation.

Once a player is reactivated by their real-life team, you can place them into your starting lineup (even if they still have "NA" status) in order to start scoring for the stats they earn while playing.

Activate the NA roster spot in your league

If you're a commissioner and you'd like your league to have the NA roster spot, you can set it up during registration in your league's settings, or you can do it anytime during the season from your league's Commish Tools.

  1. Sign in to Yahoo Sports Fantasy Sports
  2. Click your league's name
  3. Click Commissioner
  4. Under "League Management," click Edit Roster Positions
  5. Under "Miscellaneous," select the number of NA positions to use (0-5)
  6. Click Submit

   Caution - Once activated, you can't remove the NA roster spot or reduce the number of slots available to each manager.

Add a player to the NA roster spot

Once a player has been assigned "NA" status, the NA position will show as one of their eligible positions.

  • Classic mode: From the position pulldown menu, select NA | Submit Changes.
  • Drag and Drop mode:
    1. Click and hold on the player.
    2. Drag him to the NA position and drop.

After assigning a player to the NA roster spot, you'll be able to pick up another player to replace him without having to drop anyone from your roster.

   Keep in mind

  • Players can't be added directly from the Available Players list to the NA roster spot; you'll need to add them to your active roster first. If your roster is full, you'll need to drop a player before you can add them.
  • When you move a player to the NA roster spot and add a new player in leagues using Daily - Tomorrow roster moves, make sure that the player has been moved to the NA spot for both today and tomorrow's lineups

Reactivate a player from the NA roster spot

To activate a player from the NA roster spot, you'll need to have an opening for an active player on your roster.

  • Classic mode: From the position pulldown menu, select any active roster position, then select Submit Changes.
  • Drag and Drop mode:
    1. Click and hold on the player.
    2. Drag and drop him to any active roster position.

In "Daily - Tomorrow" leagues

  • Players dropped to waivers remain active on your roster for the day they're dropped.
  • If your roster is full and you drop a player to waivers, an empty roster position will be created for the following day, but your roster will remain full for the current day.
  • The player in the NA spot can only be activated for the following day's games unless you have another player on your roster eligible for the NA spot.
    • If you have another NA eligible player, you can move your current NA player to an active roster position and replace them with your other NA player.
  • Remember - When you move a player out of the NA spot, make sure that they've been removed from the NA spot for both today and tomorrow's lineups.

Things to remember when stashing players on NA

  • Once in the NA roster spot, a player can stay there for the entire season, even if they return to real-life action -- but once they've been activated by their team, you won't be able to complete any transactions involving adding a player to your team until you remove them from your team's NA.
  • You'll be able to complete intra-roster moves (switching players between bench and active), regardless of a player's real-life NA status, as well as drop a player from your roster in order to open up a roster spot to activate the player from the NA.
  • You can also use your bench spots to house NA players. If you have no available NA or bench positions, or if your league doesn't allow them, you'll need to drop the player from your roster if you want to pick up another player.


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