Using the Tutorials

Welcome to the Verizon Yahoo! tutorials! Each tutorial covers a topic related to using Verizon Yahoo! products and services as part of your Internet experience; it includes several tasks on separate, tabbed pages. Each task gives you detailed information about using a specific Verizon Yahoo! feature.

Example of a tutorial and its task tabsEnlarge

This page includes information about the following Verizon Yahoo! tutorial features:


Navigating Within a Task

Most tasks include links to related tutorials and online help, and a What's Next section where you'll find additional information. You can scroll down the page to view these, or jump to them by clicking the links on the right side of the page near the top of the task

Click the links to jump to other areas of the task.


Navigating Within a Tutorial

To navigate among the different tasks that make up a tutorial, do any of the following:

  • Click one of the tabs near the top of the page.

    Click a tab to view the associated task.Enlarge

  • Click the Back or Next links near the bottom or the page.

    Click the Back link to return to the previous task.Click the Next link to go to the next task.


Navigating Between Tutorials

There are several ways to navigate from one tutorial to another:

  • Click a link in the Learn More section near the bottom of a task page.

    Click a link in the Learn More section to go to another tutorial.

  • Use the links at the top of the page to return to the content area index or the overall tutorial index.

    Click a link at the top of the page to go to an index of tutorials.


Finding Additional Information

Where additional information might be helpful, you’ll see a question icon Question. Click the icon to see a tip, and, if applicable, a link that you can click to another tutorial.

Click the question icon.Additional information appears and may include a link to another tutorial.


Viewing Enlarged Images

Some images that appear on tutorial pages may be too small to let you see clearly the details that they include. To see a larger version of one of these images, click the Enlarge link to the right of the image.

Click the Enlarge link to see an enlarged version of the image.

The enlarged image appears in a window over the smaller image. Click the X in the upper-right corner of the image window or anywhere outside of the window to close it and return to the task.

Click the X to close the window.


Checking a Word’s Meaning

Some terms used in a tutorial may not be familiar to you. Click any highlighted word to see its definition, which appears in a small window just below the word.

Click a highlighted term to see its definition.

Click the X in the upper-right corner of the definition window or anywhere outside of the window to close it.

Click the X to close the window.

All vocabulary words are also included in the Glossary.


Printing a Tutorial Page

To print the tutorial page that you're viewing, click your browser's Print button. Note that the enlarged images will not be included and you will find word definitions in a section titled Words to Know at the end of the task.


Working in Two Windows

Verizon Yahoo! tutorials are designed to make it easy for you to view a tutorial in one browser window while working with Verizon Yahoo! products in a second window. Here's how it works:

  • When you click a link to another page in a tutorial (either the same tutorial or a different one), the new content appears in the browser window you're already using (Window 1).

  • When you click a link to a page outside of a tutorial, such as a help page or a Take Me to... link to a Verizon Yahoo! product page, the non-tutorial page appears in a new browser window (Window 2). Once Window 2 has opened, you can continue to view tutorial pages in Window 1 while working with other kinds of content in Window 2.

Clicking a link to a non-tutorial page causes the new content to appear in a second window.

If you want to view more than one tutorial page at the same time, you can open an new window for tutorial content by clicking the Display in new window link at the top of the page.

Click the display in new window link to open a second window with the same content.

A new browser window opens, displaying the same tutorial page. From this page you can navigate to any other page; the original browser window and its content don't change.

Tip: If you click a link to a non-tutorial page and nothing seems to happen, it’s possible that the new content is being displayed in Window 2, but that Window 2 is minimized or is behind other windows.


Go Forth and Learn!

This little guide should help you navigate through the tutorials, and the tutorials should help you navigate through Verizon Yahoo!.