Signing Up for Yahoo! Voice

Premium Voice Feature  This is a premium Yahoo! Messenger feature.
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Signing Up for Yahoo! Phone In

Now you can receive phone calls from traditional phones and mobile phones right on your PC through Yahoo! Messenger. Get a phone number through the Yahoo! Phone In service and give it to your friends. The phone number follows your Verizon Yahoo! Username around, so whenever you’re signed into a Yahoo! Messenger client and no matter where you are, your friends can call you. And if you aren’t signed in, or don’t want to take the call, your friends can leave voice messages that you can listen to through an email service of your choice. Yahoo! Phone In is a subscription-based premium service.

It’s easy to get a Phone In number. In fact, you can get a number for almost any place; you don’t even need to live there. Let’s say your family lives in Boston and you’re in San Francisco. You can get a Phone In number with a Boston area code. When your family calls you on your PC, it’s a local call for them. To top it off, you can get unlimited numbers assigned to your ID. (Each number carries its own monthly fee and the fee is the same for each number.)


Here’s How

  1. In the Messenger window, click the Y! Voice button below your name, then select Get a Phone Number for my PC.

    Click the Y! Voice button, then select Get a Phone Number for my PC.

    The Yahoo! Voice Phone In page opens.

  2. Follow the online instructions to sign up for the Yahoo! Phone In service.

    In just minutes after getting your phone number, you can begin receiving calls. Don’t forget to let your friends know what your phone number is! To learn how, take a look at the video tutorial.


What’s Next: Confirming Your Phone In Number

After completing the sign up process, you can confirm your Phone In number by placing the cursor over the Y! Voice button.

Place the cursor over the Y! Voice button to see your Phone Out balance.

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Words to Know

  • Verizon Yahoo! Username: the name by which a person is known to the Verizon Yahoo! network.
  • Voicemail: a message left in the caller’s own voice for the intended recipient to listen to later.
  • Yahoo! Phone Out: a pre-paid Yahoo! Voice account that allows you to make calls using Messenger from your computer to any regular phone or mobile phone in over 30 countries.