Using Filters to Sort Incoming Email

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Additional Tips for Using Filters

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you set up filters for your Verizon Yahoo! Mail.


Choose Good Target Text

Choose words or phrases that pinpoint the messages you want. For instance, filtering based on the sender’s email address in the From box is generally a good choice, but filtering based on common words in the text body is generally a poor one.


Use Multiple Filters for "Or" Rules

If you want to specify alternate ("or") rules for sorting, you need separate filters. For example, if you want to direct all messages that either come from the tennis coach or that have the word "tennis" in the subject to the Tennis folder, you need the following two filters:

Tennis1 filter

If From begins with coachchris

then deliver to: Tennis

Tennis2 filter

If Subject contains tennis

then deliver to: Tennis

Tip: If you include both of these rules in a single filter, a message must satisfy both rules for the filter to apply. In other words, the message must both be from coachchris and have "tennis" in its subject.


Avoid Incorrect Rules

If your messages wind up in unexpected folders after Verizon Yahoo! Mail applies your filters, it’s likely that one of your filters contains an incorrect rule or that the order of your filters is incorrect. Incorrect rules often occur if you choose negative criteria like "does not contain" combined with other positive criteria (such as "contains" or "begins with").


Avoid Empty Filters

An empty filter (that is, one that you create without defining any rules or a destination folder) is not really empty. Verizon Yahoo! Mail interprets such a filter to mean:

If From contains [an empty (null) character]

then deliver to: Family

If you create an empty filter at the top of your list and save it without changing anything about it, all of your messages are sent to your Family mailbox, bypassing any other filters you may have.


Avoid Filters With POP Access

When you use an email application to access ("pop out of") your Verizon Yahoo! Mail, it’s possible to retrieve messages only from the Inbox and Spam folders. If you intend to pop out of Verizon Yahoo! Mail, you may first want to delete filters that sort email to folders other than the Inbox.


Use Spamguard to Filter Spam

It’s possible for you to write your own filters to redirect messages from undesirable senders directly to the Trash folder. The easier solution, however, is for you to use Verizon Yahoo! Mail’s Spamguard feature to identify and sort junk mail or spam directly into the Spam folder. To find out more, see the tutorial on Using SpamGuard.


What’s Next

Using filters effectively can save you a lot of time organizing your messages in Verizon Yahoo! Mail.

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Words to Know

  • Filter: a set of rules that Verizon Yahoo! Mail uses to direct an incoming message to a particular folder.
  • Junk mail: unsolicited email on the Internet; also called spam.
  • Rule: the part of a filter that defines what constitutes a matching message.
  • Spam: unsolicited email on the Internet; also called junk mail.
  • Spam folder: a permanent folder containing messages that you or Spamguard consider spam.