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Adding Sub-Accounts

Verizon Yahoo! allows you, as a primary member, to add up to ten sub-accounts (also known as member accounts) to your primary account. Each sub-account is a fully functional, stand-alone Verizon Yahoo! Username, with its own Verizon Yahoo! Mail mailbox.

There are two main reasons for creating sub-accounts:

  • To provide separate email accounts for all members of your household.

  • To allow each member of your household to have his or her own Verizon Yahoo! Home Page.

  • To protect your "real" Verizon Yahoo! Mail address by using an alternate mail account for some email transactions. (Disposable addresses are probably a better solution for this use. See the Using Multiple Verizon Yahoo! Email Addresses tutorial for information about disposable email addresses.)


Here’s How

  1. Make sure that you are signed in to Verizon Yahoo! as the primary account holder. Only the primary member can create sub-accounts.

  2. Click your Verizon Yahoo! Username or the Member Center link, which is located at the top of most Verizon Yahoo! pages, such as the Verizon Yahoo! Mail page.

  3. Click the Manage Sub-Accounts quick link.

    Note: Only primary members have the Manage Sub-Accounts link. If you are signed in using a sub-account, you won’t have this option.

    Click the Manage Sub-Accounts quick link.

    The My Account & Billing page opens.

  4. In the Sub-Accounts section of the My Account & Billing page, click the Create New Sub-Account button.

    Click the Create New Sub-Account button.

    The Sub-Account Creation page appears.

    Tip: You may see an initial screen asking you to verify your Verizon Yahoo! Username and password.

  5. You’ll see a page in which you must provide a new user name and password for the sub-account that you’re creating, along with other personal information about the person associated with the new account so Verizon Yahoo! can supply appropriate content and advertising.

    Provide a new user name and password and additional information about the person for whom you are creating the account.

  6. At the bottom of the Sub-Account Creation page, you are asked to accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies for the new account. Select the check box in front of the Terms of Service, then click the Create Sub-Account button.

  7. The next screen offers you several configuration options for the new sub-account.

    Click desired configuration options.Enlarge

    Choose the options you want, then click the Next button. This takes you to a page where you can:

    • Sign in as this sub-account
    • Return to the My Account & Billing page

What’s Next

The first time you sign in as this sub-account, Verizon Yahoo! gives you the option to upgrade your account. Select the option that’s appropriate for your situation and follow the online instructions. Once Verizon Yahoo! sets up your account, you can access most of the same features as the primary member’s account, including an inbox, Verizon Yahoo! Contacts, and calendar that are accessible from any web-connected computer. However, there are a few limitations on sub-account:

Learn how to access a sub-account’s mail.

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Words to Know

  • Disposable email address: a customized email address that you create to protect your regular Verizon Yahoo! Mail address.
  • Inbox: a folder where you receive incoming email.
  • Member account: an account linked to the primary account, typically for another member of the household; same as sub-account.
  • Primary account: the person who has financial responsibility for a household’s Verizon Yahoo! account; same as primary member.
  • Primary member: the person (an adult) who has financial responsibility for a household’s Verizon Yahoo! Internet Access account; same as primary account.
  • Sub-account: an account linked to the primary account, typically for another member of the household; also known as a member account.
  • Verizon Yahoo! Contacts: your online Verizon Yahoo! address book with a listing of people and their personal information.
  • Verizon Yahoo! Username: the name by which a person is known to the Verizon Yahoo! network.
  • Yahoo! ID: the name by which a person is known to all Yahoo! networks.