Using the Mail Sidebar Module

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The Mail Sidebar module allows you to work with your most recently received email, including all new incoming messages, as you browse the web. You can also compose and send email messages from the Mail Sidebar module.

The Mail Sidebar module has two views:

  • Collapsed as a mini-module

    The Mail mini-module

    The Mail mini-module displays the subject and sender of each unread email message in your inbox (or all messages, depending on your settings). Each message appears for a few seconds, and then the next one fades in to replace it. You can click a subject to display the full email message in the Verizon Yahoo! Mail application or click the Mail mini-module (outside of the subject link) to make Mail the active Sidebar module. As new email arrives, it appears on your Mail Sidebar module.

  • Expanded as the active module

    The active Mail module

    When Mail is the active Sidebar module, you can view any of the messages listed by simply clicking the subject.

    Click a message's subject to view the full message

    The full Verizon Yahoo! Mail opens in the web content area of the Browser window and displays the selected message.

    If you have configured Verizon Yahoo! Messenger to alert you when a new message arrives, you'll see an alert message whenever you get new email.

    Example of a Yahoo! Mail alert

    You can click the Go to Yahoo! Mail button in the alert window to display the message in Verizon Yahoo! Mail, or click the OK button to close the alert message window and add the message to your Sidebar inbox.


What's Next

You can manage the messages in your Mail Sidebar module in a variety of ways.


Words to Know

  • Active module: the module currently displayed in the active content area of the Verizon Yahoo! Sidebar.
  • Mini-module: an application module that can be displayed in the Verizon Yahoo! Sidebar.
  • Verizon Yahoo! Messenger: a web-based tool that lets you communicate using your voice, text, or other means with one or more people over the Internet in real time (instantly).