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Forwarding Messages

You can forward email messages that you receive to other people. When you forward a message, Verizon Yahoo! Mail displays the new email message tab so you can enter email addresses in the address fields and add your own message to accompany the forwarded message.


Here’s How

  1. Preview or open the email message. (Remind me how.)

  2. Click the Forward button or type f.

    Click the Forward button.

    The New Email Message tab opens and automatically fills in the Subject box with the subject from the original message preceded by "Fw:" to indicate that it is a forwarded message.

    The subject of the original message appears in the Subject box.

    Tip: You can change the subject if you like.

  3. Address the message to your intended recipients. Addressing Your Message shows several ways of adding email addresses to the address boxes (To, Cc, Bcc).

    Tip: Remember that you must always include at least one address in the To box. If you want to keep the list of recipients private, you can put your own address in To and all the other recipients in Bcc.

  4. Type your own message in the text box, if you like. As with replies, you can type your text anywhere in the text box.

    You can even delete unnecessary parts of the original message (such as who sent it to you) and type between paragraphs of the original message. This is called an inline reply. If you type your text inline, it’s a good idea to highlight your response by using a different color or font from the original text, so the recipients can tell the difference between the original text and your reply.

  5. When you’re ready to send the message, click the Send button or type s.

    Click the Send button.

    Verizon Yahoo! Mail sends your message. When you return to your Inbox or other mail folder containing the original message, a forwarded icon (The Forwarded icon) appears on the message line.

    A green arrow icon appears in front of the forwarded message.


What’s Next

You have the option of automatically forwarding all of your incoming Verizon Yahoo! Mail to another email account. Typically, both email accounts belong to you. To learn more, check out the Accessing Verizon Yahoo! Mail tutorial.

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Words to Know

  • Bcc: short for "blind carbon copy"; an email address in this field won’t be visible to any other recipients of the message.
  • Cc: short for "carbon copy"; use this field to add secondary recipients to an email message.
  • Email address: A contact’s address that identifies an electronic location where email can be sent. An email address includes the contact’s email name followed by the "@" followed by the contact’s email domain, such as "".
  • Folder: a container that holds individual elements specific to the context; for example, email messages in Verizon Yahoo! Mail or bookmarks in the Bookmarks Sidebar module.
  • Forward: (two uses in Verizon Yahoo! Mail) to send an email message that you receive on to someone else or to configure Verizon Yahoo! Mail to send all email messages that come into your Verizon Yahoo! Mail account to another email address.
  • Inline reply: when you type your reply to a message between the lines of text in the original message.
  • New message tab: a tab in Verizon Yahoo! Mail where you address, write, and send a new email, chat, or text message.