Introducing BT Yahoo! Messenger

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What is BT Yahoo! Messenger?

BT Yahoo! Messenger is an all-in-one communication tool, and anyone, anywhere in the world, with a computer and Internet connection can use it.

Hold the cursor over the red dot. To learn more about an area of the Messenger window, hold the cursor over a red dot.

The Messenger window Type some information and search the web. View advertisements. Search for contacts. Add a contact, read your Yahoo! email, and more. Change your status so your contacts know when you’re available. View your list of friends and family who also use Messenger. Install Plug-ins to access music, games, weather, and more. Click these menus to use many of Messenger’s features.

With BT Yahoo! Messenger, you can:
  • Instant message friends in real time.
  • Call and talk with your friends using the PC-to-PC calling feature. It’s just like talking on the phone!
  • Share your favourite photos.
  • See when your friends are online and let them see you.
  • Save friends’ contact details in your online address book. Your Messenger address book synchronises with your BT Yahoo! Address Book. When you update one, you automatically update the other.
  • See and be seen with webcam.*
  • Install plug-ins to listen to music through LAUNCHcast Radio, check your mail, and access Yahoo! 360°.
  • Play games with your friends.
  • Send emails back and forth.
  • Add colour and graphics to your conversations and change the look of the application.

* The webcam isn’t supplied.

You can also instant message with Windows Live™ Messenger friends! Simply add them to your Messenger List and start conversing!

Tip: Not all BT Yahoo! Messenger features are available when you converse with Windows Live™ Messenger users. You can’t share your avatar or display image, send files, share photos, play games, send IMVs, or use PC-to-PC calling.


What’s Next

If you haven’t already, install BT Yahoo! Messenger and start communicating with your friends online. Hey, shouldn’t you let all of your friends know about BT Yahoo! Messenger?

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Words to Know

  • Avatar: a character that you can personalise to express your mood at any given time. It’s like a virtual you. By changing hairstyles, clothes, accessories, and backgrounds, you can create your own unique persona.
  • IMVironment (IMV): a themed environment that you can select when instant messaging your friends. Potentially, both you and your friends see the IMV during your conversation.
  • Instant messaging: the ability to exchange messages in real time with other people over the Internet.
  • LAUNCHcast Radio: a streaming music service that allows you to create your own customised station tailored to your tastes and provides an extensive collection of other music stations that offer a wide variety of genres and themes to choose from.
  • PC-to-PC calling: the ability to call another person’s computer from your computer; similar to placing a phone call. Both you and the person you are calling must have a Yahoo! ID and be logged into Yahoo! Messenger.
  • Plug-in: a software application that adds a specific feature or to another application.
  • Synchronise: to cause items in multiple locations to match exactly.
  • Webcam: a video camera typically attached to a computer.
  • Windows Live™ Messenger: Microsoft® Windows’ free instant messaging application.