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What Is Chat in the BT Yahoo! Mail Classic?

Note: At this time, users with sub accounts don’t have access to the chat feature.

Email is great. It’s much faster than snail mail, and you usually get a response sooner than later. But, have you ever been writing an email wishing that you could have instant communication with your friends without picking up the phone? You can with BT Yahoo! Mail’s chat feature. Chat lets you and your contact exchange messages in "real time", meaning "right now", and all while using BT Yahoo! Mail Classic and without having to download an instant messenger application. (And it’s free!)

Your contact must have a Yahoo! ID or a Windows Live™ Messenger ID and must be signed in to either Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, or another compatible instant messaging application.  Learn more

So, let’s just repeat the highlights and get you chatting!

  • Chat lets you communicate with your contacts in real time so that you receive instant replies.
  • Use BT Yahoo! Mail chat without downloading additional software.
  • Use chat to communicate with all of your Yahoo! and Windows Live contacts. All they need is to sign into Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, or another instant messaging application.


What’s Next

All you have to do to start chatting is make yourself available to chat through your online status.

Tip: If you already use Yahoo! Messenger, you might want to know more about the differences between Messenger and chat. The If You Use Yahoo! Messenger tutorial has all the details.

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Words to Know

  • Contact: a person with whom you interact; someone to whom you might want to send an email message or other communication.
  • Instant messaging: the ability to exchange messages in real time with other people over the Internet.
  • Sub account: an account linked to the primary account, typically for another member of the household.
  • Windows Live™ Messenger: Microsoft® Windows’ free instant messaging application.
  • Yahoo! ID: the name by which a person is known to all Yahoo! networks.
  • Yahoo! Messenger: an application that lets you communicate using your voice, text, or other means with one or more people over the Internet in real time (instantly).


AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) and Google Talk are not compatible instant messaging programs.