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Introducing BT Yahoo! Mail Classic

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Welcome to BT Yahoo! Mail Classic, an application that lets you send and receive email messages from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and a Web browser, and, of course, your very own BT UsernameBT Yahoo! Mail. Equipped with these items, you can sign into BT Yahoo! Mail and start emailing your friends. By the way, we refer to your friends, colleagues, family, whoever, as your contacts.

With BT Yahoo! Mail, you get unlimited email storage, built-in search to quickly find email, and our award-winning online security.

While you’re emailing, keep your BT Yahoo! Contacts up to date using the Contacts tab, manage your many social engagements in BT Yahoo! Calendar, and keep track of your tasks and thoughts with BT Yahoo! Notepad. These and other services are at your fingertips while you work with BT Yahoo! Mail Classic.

Welcome to BT Yahoo! Mail Classic


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Words to Know

  • Attachment: a separate file included as part of an email message; for example, a multimedia or document file.
  • Contact: a person with whom you interact; someone to whom you might want to send an email message or other communication.
  • BT Username: the name--in the form of or which a person is known to the BT Yahoo! network.
  • Disposable email address: a customised email address that you create to protect your regular BT Yahoo! Mail address.
  • Distribution list: a group of contacts to whom you want to send the same email message. BT Yahoo! Mail Classic uses categories as distribution lists.
  • Folder: a container that holds individual elements specific to the context; for example, email messages in BT Yahoo! Mail or bookmarks in the Bookmarks Sidebar module.
  • Signature: a few lines of text that is added automatically to the end of each outgoing message.
  • Spam: unsolicited email on the Internet; also called "junk mail".
  • Sub account: an account linked to the primary account, typically for another member of the household.