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What Is BT Yahoo! Contacts?

BT Yahoo! Contacts is more than an online contact manager. Yes, it helps you organise contact information; all address books do that. With BT Yahoo! Contacts, you also have a number of communication options including sending an email, text message, and instant message while viewing a person’s contact details. You can even group contacts into categories and email the entire group. You can keep up to date with the people that matter most to you by receiving Updates each time they change their contact information.

Through BT Yahoo! Updates, you learn of your friends contact changes and they learn of yours. All you have to do is connect with one another to start receiving Updates.

Because BT Yahoo! Contacts is online, you can access it with an Internet connection from anywhere in the world. More importantly, because it’s part of your BT Yahoo! account, you can use the contact information in other BT Yahoo! services, such as BT Yahoo! Mail Classic and BT Yahoo! Pulse. Keep it up to date, and you’ll easily stay in touch with your friends

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What’s Next

Learn how to open your BT Yahoo! Contacts.

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Words to Know

  • Category: a group of contacts in your BT Yahoo! Contacts. Categories let you send the same email to a group of people and let you organise information by groups.
  • Connection: a person you spend significant time online with and with whom you want to share personal information. Connections have privileged access to each others’ profiles.
  • BT Yahoo! Updates: mini-stories about online activities that you can share with your friends and family.