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Signing In Sign-In Options Creating User-Specific Desktop Icons

Signing In

You can use the BT Yahoo! Browser without signing in, but to take full advantage of the Browser's features, you must sign in to BT Yahoo!. When you’re signed in, you’ll see these additional features:

  • Quick access to all of your BT Yahoo! services including your BT Yahoo! Mail, BT Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Search, and much more.
  • The option of signing in to all of your services with a single sign-in process.
  • A customised view of the Browser that best fits your needs

The first time you launch the Browser, enter your sign-in information in the Sign-In window.


Here’s How

  1. Launch the Browser.

    The first time you launch the Browser, it displays the Sign-In window, and your BT Username should be listed. Click your BT Username and skip to step 5.

  2. If you don’t see your BT Username on the list, click the Other Users button.

    The Sign-In window displays the sign-in form on the right

    The sign-in screen

  3. Enter your BT Username and password, check or uncheck the boxes for the options you want to apply or disable, and then click the Sign In button.

    The Browser appears, and you’re signed in.

    Note: The first time you sign in, you may see the Auto Import Address Book and Bookmarks prompt. If so, follow the onscreen instructions if you want to import old address book and bookmark information or to skip the import process.

  4. The next time you launch the Browser, the Sign-In window appears automatically displaying your name in the Sign In List on the left.

    Sign-in window for a known userEnlarge

  5. Select your name, and enter your password.

    • If you checked the box next to Save My Password, the Sign-In window automatically fills in your password. Just click the Sign In button.

    • If you check the box next to Sign In to Messenger, the Sign-In window automatically signs you in to BT Yahoo! Messenger as well as to the Browser.

      Note: If BT Yahoo! Messenger is not installed on your computer, this option is disabled.

  6. If you’re not the master account user, you’re considered a guest. After you sign in and check the Add my ID to the Sign In List option, your name appears on the sign-in list.

    Sign-in list


What’s Next

After you sign in, you can set your sign-in preferences and create user-specific desktop icons.

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Words to Know

  • Address Book: a listing of people and their contact information associated with each BT Yahoo! Online account.
  • Bookmark: a link to a web page that is stored with a browser. Select a bookmark to go directly to the designated page.
  • Import: to receive data into one program from another.
  • Master account: the person who has financial responsibility for a household’s AT&T account; same as "primary member".
  • Sign in: enter your BT Username and password to identify yourself to the network and to gain access to your personal information.
  • BT Yahoo! Messenger: an application that lets you communicate using your voice, text, or other means with one or more people over the Internet in real time (instantly).