Using the BT Yahoo! Toolbar With Internet Explorer

Adding and Removing Buttons Making Your Own Button Changing the Toolbar’s Appearance Using a Toolbar Button Displaying and Hiding the Toolbar

Adding and Removing Toolbar Buttons

The BT Yahoo! Toolbar allows you to use your favourite BT Yahoo! features with the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. When you install the Toolbar it appears near the top of the Internet Explorer browser.

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Initially, a standard set of buttons appears on your BT Yahoo! Toolbar in Internet Explorer. Because toolbar buttons are visible whenever the BT Yahoo! Toolbar is available, they’re useful shortcuts for actions you perform frequently and sites you visit often. You can customise the Toolbar by adding or removing buttons.

Note: If you’ve used an older version of the BT Yahoo! Toolbar, you know that we saved your customisations with your BT Username. This no longer occurs with the new Toolbar. Instead, we save your changes to the computer on which you customise the Toolbar. This way, you can see and use your Toolbar every time you open Internet Explorer on your computer and without signing in to BT Yahoo!. Of course, if you’re using Internet Explorer on a different computer, you may see a different BT Yahoo! Toolbar.


Here’s How

  1. On the Toolbar, click the settings button (The settings button) to the left of the search bar, then select Add/Edit Buttons.

    Click the settings button, then select Add/Edit Buttons.

    The Yahoo! Toolbar button page opens where you can find the buttons you want to add.

    The Yahoo! Toolbar button pageEnlarge

  2. Add one or more buttons to your Toolbar in any of the following ways:

    • In the Popular tab, click a button name on the left to see its description on the right. Add the button to your Toolbar by clicking Add this button.

      Click a button name on the left, then click Add this button on the right.

    • In the Button Gallery tab, select a category of buttons from the pull-down list, then click the Add button next to the ones you want to add to your Toolbar.

      Select a category.Click the Add button.

    • Make your own button and add it to your Toolbar.

  3. To remove a button from your Toolbar, select the button under Your Toolbar Buttons, then click the remove button.

    Select a button, then click the remove button.

  4. When you finish adding and removing buttons, click the Save Changes button.

    A message appears confirming that your Toolbar has been updated.

    Click the Save Changes button.

  5. Click the Finish button to see your updated Toolbar.


What’s Next

If you don’t see all of your buttons, try one of the following:

  • If you see the double arrows at the end of the Toolbar, your browser window is too narrow to display all of the buttons. You can click the arrows to see the additional buttons and select the one you want to use. If possible, you can resize your browser so that it is wide enough to display all buttons.

    Click the double arrows at the end of the Toolbar, then select a button from the pull-down list.

  • Click the settings button, then select Refresh Toolbar. Your new buttons should display (if there’s room).

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Words to Know

  • Toolbar: a row of buttons across the top of the browser window that you can click to perform various tasks.
  • BT Username: the name--in the form of or which a person is known to the BT Yahoo! network.