Using the Yahoo! Toolbar With Mozilla Firefox

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Adding and Removing Toolbar Buttons

The Yahoo! Toolbar allows you to use your favourite BT Yahoo! features with Mozilla Firefox. When you install the Toolbar it appears near the top of the Firefox browser.

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Initially, a standard set of buttons appears on your Yahoo! Toolbar in Firefox. Because toolbar buttons are visible whenever the Yahoo! Toolbar is available, they are useful shortcuts for actions you perform frequently and sites you visit often. You can customise the Toolbar by adding or removing buttons.


Here’s How

  1. On the Toolbar, click the pencil icon, then select Add/Edit Buttons.

    Select Personal Options, then Add/Edit Buttons from the menu.

    The Customise Yahoo! Toolbar page appears, displaying lists of all of the available buttons. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll have to sign in with your BT Username before you see the page.

    The Customise Yahoo! Toolbar pageEnlarge

  2. Check the box next to each button that you want to appear on the Toolbar.

  3. Uncheck the box next to each button you want to remove from the Toolbar.

  4. When you finish selecting your toolbar buttons, click the Finished button.

    A message appears confirming that your Toolbar changes have been saved.

  5. If you don’t see your changes on the Toolbar, click the pencil icon (Pencil icon) and select Refresh Toolbar.


What’s Next

You can further customise the Toolbar by defining your own buttons.

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Words to Know

  • Toolbar: a row of buttons across the top of the browser window that you can click to perform various tasks.