Accessing BT Yahoo! Mail

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Accessing Your Mail From a Web Browser

BT Yahoo! Mail is web-based. This means your BT Yahoo! Mail account is actually a web site on a BT Yahoo! Mail server. With your BT Username, you can access and send email messages using a web-based BT Yahoo! Mail client from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser.

Use the URL to communicate with the BT Yahoo! Mail server from a web-based mail client.

The supported web browsers are:

  • IE 5.5 and higher (for Windows)
  • Firefox 1.0 (for Mac and Windows)
  • Mozilla Suite 1.7
  • Netscape 7.2
  • Safari 3

When you use a web-based mail client, your email is stored in your mailbox on a BT Yahoo! Mail server. None of the messages that you send or receive are stored on your local computer. The BT Yahoo! Mail client lets you read, forward, organise, and delete email messages that are stored in your mailbox, plus send email messages.


Here’s How

  1. Make sure that the computer you are using is connected to the Internet.

  2. Open a web browser, such as Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

  3. Type the following address in the browser’s address box and press Enter:

    The BT Yahoo! Mail sign-in page appears in the browser.

  4. Type your BT Yahoo! Online email address (that is, and password, then click the Sign In button.

    Type your BT Yahoo! email address and password, then click the Sign In button.

    Your personal email page, What’s New, appears in the browser.

    The BT Yahoo! Mail What’s New tabEnlarge


What’s Next

If you are using Internet Explorer with the BT Yahoo! Toolbar, it includes tools to take you directly to your BT Yahoo! Mail page.

You can also access your mail from another client application.

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Words to Know

  • BT Username: the name--in the form of or which a person is known to the BT Yahoo! network.
  • Mail server: an application that receives incoming email and forwards outgoing email for delivery. A computer dedicated to running such applications is also called a mail server.
  • Web-based mail client: an application (usually a web site) that any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser can use to access the mail server.