Getting Started With Your Home Page

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Getting Around the Home Page

When you first visit the Home Page, you’ll see among other items, a tab bar with one or two tabs, New Tab, Categories, Add Content, and Change Appearance.

A typical Home Page tab.Enlarge

  • Tab bar—lists the tabs on your page. Content can be organized into tabs. For example, you could have a "Celebrities" tab that includes blogs and news about today’s well-known people and a "Jokes" tab that brings you your favorite comic strips and joke of the day. We get you started with My Front Page which is the first tab you see when you sign into your Home Page. This tab has content based on your demographics and interests and is our best guess at what we think you might like. Of course, you can add and remove content, rename the tab, and even delete the tab and create your own from the ground up. Learn more in Adding Tabs and Adding Content.

  • New Tab—creates a new tab when clicked. You can have up to 9 tabs. Learn more in Adding Tabs.
  • Categories—provides links to other Yahoo! services, such as Finance and Movies. Learn more in Working With Categories.

  • Add Content—opens the content gallery where you can add, browse, and search for the content you would like to add to your tabs. Learn more in Adding Content.
  • Change Appearance—opens access to a variety of things you can do with a specific tab, such as change its color, layout, and font size. Learn more in Customizing Tabs and Creating and Using Themes.

What’s Next

You’ll find tutorials that cover the major tasks that you’ll want to perform in Home Page. What do you want to do?

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