Sharing Photos With Yahoo! Messenger

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Adding Photos to Share

Once you have a photo-sharing session in progress, you and your contact can both add photos to the Share Photos side panel.


You can’t share photos while conversing with Windows Live™ Messenger contacts; the feature isn’t supported.

This page describes only one of the many ways you can add photos. For more ideas, see the Adding and Removing Shared Photos tutorial.


Here’s How

  1. Open Window Explorer, and locate the photo you want to share.

    Tip: If you select Thumbnails from the View menu in Windows Explorer, it displays a thumbnail view of each file in the current folder, making it easier for you to find the photo you want.

  2. Drag the photo you want to share over the Shared Photos side panel of your IM window, and drop it there.

    Drag a photo to the photos panel.Enlarge

    Both you and your contact see the photo at the same time.

    You and your contact see the photo at the same time.

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to add more photos.

    Tip: You can add multiple photos from a particular folder at the same time by selecting the photos and dragging and dropping them onto the Share Photos side panel together.

    Elements of the Share Photos side panel

    A thumbnail image of each shared photo appears under the main photo. A selection bar appears under the selected thumbnail. A slide bar appears under the thumbnails.


What’s Next

You can change your view in the Share Photos side panel to see a different image or to see the same image your contact is viewing.

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Words to Know

  • AT&T Yahoo! Photos: a service that allows you to share your digital photos over the Internet; it even lets you and designated others order prints of shared photos online.
  • Contact: a person with whom you interact; someone to whom you might want to send an email, instant message, or text message.
  • Slide bar: control that allows you to scroll vertically through the thumbnail images in the Shared Photos side panel.
  • Thumbnail: a small version of an image, often linked to a larger version.
  • Windows Live™ Messenger: Microsoft® Windows’ free instant messaging application.