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Changing Your Personal Information

Your AT&T account gives you access to a wide variety of AT&T and Yahoo! products and services. It stores your user name and password and any other information you added when you first created the account. You can change most account information, including your password, anytime you like.

Although you can’t change the personal name that’s permanently associated with your AT&T account, you can change the sender ("From") name that Mail uses to identify you in messages that you send. This means that you can include something other than your full user name, such as nickname, when you send email.


Here’s How

To change your password:

For security reasons, it’s a good idea to change your password regularly.

  1. Click the Account Info link at the upper right of the Mail page.

    Click the Account Info link.

    Note: You may be asked to enter your Yahoo! password again at this point for extra security.

    The Member Center home page opens.

  2. Click the Change My Password link in the Quick Links section of the page.

    Click the Change My Password link in the Quick Links section.

    You may be asked to verify your account with your current password.

    The Change Password page opens.

  3. Type your current password in the Enter your Current Password box, your new password in the Choose a New Password box, and your new password again in the Confirm your New Password box, then click the Save button.

    Type your current and new password in the appropriate boxes, then click the Save button.

    The next time you sign in, be sure to use your new password.

    Note: Your new password applies to all Yahoo! properties, so you’ll need to remember it when you sign in to other services, such as Yahoo! Messenger or Yahoo! Music.


To change your sender name:

  1. Open the Options page. (Remind me how.)

  2. On the left side of the mail options page, select the Accounts option.

    Select the Accounts option.

    The Accounts page opens, with information about your Mail account(s).

  3. Be sure the Mail account is selected.

    Select the Yahoo! Mail account.

  4. In the Your ’From’ name box, enter the name that you want to appear in email messages that you send.

    Enter your sender name in the Your ’From’ name fieldEnlarge

  5. Click the Save Changes button to save your new sender name.

    Click Save Changes

  6. Click the Back to Mail button to return to Mail.

    Click the Back to Mail button.

  7. The next time you send an email message, it should include your new sender name.

    Tip: You may need to sign out of Mail and then sign in again for the change to take effect.


What’s Next

You can change the information in your account whenever you like.

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