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Adding a Contact

Yahoo! Contacts is only as good as the contact information it contains. So be sure to add all the details about your family and friends that you can.


Here’s How

  1. Open Yahoo! Contacts. (Remind me how.)

  2. Click the Add Contact button to the right of the search box.

    Click the Add Contact button.

    A new, empty contact information card appears, ready for editing.

    A blank contact info cardEnlarge

  3. Type a name (you must enter at least one name: first name, last name, or nickname).

    Type a name.

  4. Add the contact to a category (optional).

    • Click the Add link to the right of Categories.

      Click Add to the right of Categories.

    • Select one or more categories from the list, and/or type a new category name in the top box (up to 15 alphanumeric characters only, no spaces), then click the Done button.

      Select a category or type a new name, then click the Done button.

      The categories that the new contact belongs to are listed on his contact card. (A contact can belong to more than one category.)

      The contact belongs to two categories.

  5. Add as much additional information as you like (optional).

    A few tips.

    • Labels followed by an arrow let you choose a different label heading for the information you enter.

      For example, the box to the right of Y! Messenger is for the ID you use when instant messaging this contact. Click the arrow to select a different label...

      Click the arrow to the right of the label.Select an instant message application.

      ..., then type the value for that label.

      Type the ID for that application.

    • You can add additional types of information by clicking the Add link below the last input box in the information type.

      For example, to add another website, click the Add Website link below the box, then type the value in the added box.

      Click the Add link below the box.Type a value in the added box.

    • You can create custom notes for information that you’d like to add, such as Partner or Children. Click the Add Custom Notes link below the Notes box, type a label for the custom note, then type a value in the box.

      Click the Add Custom Notes link below the Notes box.Type a label for the custom box.


      You must type a value for the new label. If you don’t, the new label disappears when you save. Once you’ve added a new label, you can include it in any contact information card.

      If you’ve already created custom labels, you can select them from the New Label menu by clicking the down arrow below the New Label box.

  6. Click the Save button found below the name.

    Click the Save button.

    Note: The gray box to the left of the name is replaced by the contact’s public photo when you connect with the contact. To learn more about connecting with your friends, take a look at .

    Your contact list updates with the new contact information.

    The new contact appears in your contact list.


What’s Next

If you don’t want a contact, you can delete the name from your list. Deleting Contacts shows you how.

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Words to Know

  • Address field: displays the web address of the displayed page.
  • Category: a group of contacts in your Yahoo! Contacts. Categories let you send the same email to a group of people and let you organize information by groups.
  • Public photo: a picture or avatar representing you in some way that you share with others on your profile on Yahoo!