Signing In to AT&T Yahoo!

Signing In Sign-In Options Creating User-Specific Desktop Icons

Options

The Browser provides various options to make signing in faster and easier, particularly with multiple users on the same computer.


Here’s How

  1. Sign in to AT&T Yahoo!. (Remind me how.)

  2. Select Sign In Options from the Sign In menu at the top of the Browser.

    Select Sign In Options

    The Browser Options window appears with the sign in options selected.

    You can specify a number of options for your AT&T Yahoo! Access account settings.

  3. To change the icon that appears next to your name in the Sign-In window, click the Change Icon button.

    Click Change Icon

    The Change Icon window appears.

  4. You can choose either an avatar or an image to use as your person sign-in icon.

    • Select the Use my Avatar option to use your Yahoo! avatar.

      Select Use my Avatar to use your avatar as your sign-in icon.

      Tip: If you want to change your avatar from what you see, click the Customize button to go to the Yahoo! Avatars page.

    • Select the Use selected image option to use one of the images offered.

      Scroll through the images to see all the options. Click the one you want to select it.

      Select Use selected image, then choose an imageEnlarge

  5. Click the OK button.

    The new icon appears next to your name in the Sign-In window and on your desktop icon, if you have one.

  6. Use the check boxes in this window as follows:

    Sign in options

    • Check the box next to Save My Password, so you don’t have to enter your password every time you sign in. The next time you sign in, the Sign-In window automatically provides your password. Be aware that when you select this option, any user who has access to your computer can sign in to your account.

    • Check the box next to Show a Desktop Icon... to create a desktop icon that opens the Browser. This option is described in detail in Creating User-Specific Desktop Icons.

    • Check the box next to Sign In to Messenger to sign in to Yahoo! Messenger automatically when you sign in to the Browser. Then, each time you sign in to Yahoo!, you automatically sign in to Messenger at the same time. When you sign out of Yahoo!, you automatically sign out of Messenger as well.

  7. When you finish specifying your Browser options, click the OK button.

    The Browser Options window closes, and you return to the Browser.


What’s Next

In addition to setting the sign-in options described here, you can create user-specific desktop icons for each person who uses your computer to make signing in faster and easier.

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Words to Know

  • Account settings: user-specified options that are stored with a user’s AT&T Access account information; these settings are enforced whenever the user logs in to the account from any computer.
  • Avatar: a character that you can personalize to express your mood at any given time. It’s like a virtual you. By changing hairstyles, clothes, accessories, and backgrounds, you can create your own unique persona.
  • Sign in: enter your Member ID and password to identify yourself to the network and to gain access to your personal information.
  • Yahoo! Messenger: an application that lets you communicate using your voice, text, or other means with one or more people over the Internet in real time (instantly).