Using Browser Tabs

Adding Tabs Moving From Tab to Tab Closing Tabs

Adding Tabs

You can open multiple web pages on separate tabs in a single Browser window.

A set of browser tabsZoom image icon

Each tab functions like a Browser window to display distinct content, but you can switch back and forth between tabs without opening more Browser windows.

When you launch the Browser, it displays your start group, each page on a separate tab. In addition to the start group tabs, you can create new tabs to view additional web pages.


Here's How

  1. Open your Browser, and sign in to AT&T Yahoo!.

  2. Take one of the following actions:

    • Enter the URL of the page you want to display in the Address field, and click the Tab button.

      Tab button

      A new tab appears to the right of the last tab, on top of the other tabs.

    • Right-click a link on a web page, and select Open Link in New Tab from the menu.

      Select the Open Link in New Tab option from the right-click menu

    • Hold down the Ctrl key, and click a link on a web page.


What's Next

You can easily switch your view from one tab to another in your Browser window.


Words to Know

  • Address field: displays the web address of the displayed page.
  • Start group: a group of web pages that each appears on a separate tab whenever you start up the AT&T Yahoo! Browser.
  • Tabs: browser elements that each displays the content of one web page.
  • URL: Universal Resource Locator–specifies the location of a file or web page, such as

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