Setting AT&T Yahoo! Browser Options

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Appearance Options

You can change the appearance of the Browser to suit your preferences.


Here's How

  1. Open the Browser Options window. (Remind me how.)

  2. Select the Appearance category.

    Select Appearance

    The Appearance options appear. This pane allows you to change the look of the Browser and the Sign-In window.

  3. To change the size of the text that appears on web pages in the Browser, click a point on the Web Page Text slider.

    Click a point on the slider

  4. Click the Test button.

    Click the Test button.

    The size of the text on the web page behind the Browser Options window changes to the size you selected.

    Tip: Move the Browser Options window around, if necessary, to see the change.

  5. Under Web Page Graphics:

    • To display images and play sounds on a web page, check the box next to Show pictures and sounds associated with Web pages.
    • To resize images automatically to fit in your Browser window, check the box next to Enable Automatic Image Resizing.

    Specify graphics options

  6. To change the size of the icons on the Browser, select either Small Icons or Large Icons.

    Select the icon size.

    The size of the icons does not change until you click the OK button.

  7. When you finish specifying your preferences, click the OK button.

    Click OK

    You return to the Browser.


What's Next

Specify your preferences for the connection and email options for the Browser.


Words to Know

  • Skin: a selection that controls the overall look of the AT&T Yahoo! Browser or the Messenger windows.

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