Signing In to AT&T Yahoo! With Internet Explorer

To use the AT&T Yahoo! Sidebar and to customize the AT&T Yahoo! Toolbar and AT&T Yahoo! Pop-Up Blocker, you must sign in to AT&T Yahoo!. When you sign in, these additional features are available:

  • Live and personalized content available in the Sidebar
  • Customized view of the Toolbar that best fits your needs
  • Customized settings for the Pop-Up Blocker


Here's How

  1. Launch Internet Explorer.

  2. Click the Sign in button on the AT&T Yahoo! Toolbar.

    The AT&T Yahoo! Toolbar sign-in form appears.

    AT&T Yahoo! Toolbar sign-in form

  3. Enter your Member ID and password, check the box if you want your computer to remember your sign-in information, and then click the Sign In button.

    You are signed in to AT&T Yahoo!Your AT&T Yahoo! Home Page appears, and the AT&T Yahoo! Toolbar is updated with any customizations you have configured. If the AT&T Yahoo! Sidebar is visible, it displays your selected content.

    Tip: If a web page you visit changes your home page, select Internet Options on the Tools menu, and click the Use Default button in the Home page section; then click the OK button.


What's Next

After you sign in, you can use and customize your AT&T Yahoo! ToolbarAT&T Yahoo! Sidebar, and AT&T Yahoo! Pop-Up Blocker.


Words to Know

  • Sidebar: a customizable area in the AT&T Yahoo! Browser or Internet Explorer where you can display information or applications that you use often, such as AT&T Yahoo! MailAT&T Yahoo! Messenger, and AT&T Yahoo! Photos.
  • Sign in: enter your Member ID and password to identify yourself to the network and to gain access to your personal information.
  • Toolbar: a row of buttons across the top of the browser window that you can click to perform various tasks.

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