Working With the Browser History

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Viewing Your Browsing History

If you want to return to a web site you visited in the current browsing session (that is, since the last time you opened the AT&T Yahoo! Browser), simply click the down arrow on the Back button and select the web page to which you want to return.

Click the down arrow on the back button

You can also return to a web site that you visited prior to the current browsing session using the History panel. When History panel is open, it displays your browsing history, and you can return to any web site listed.

Note: If you’re using an earlier version of the AT&T Yahoo! Browser with the History Sidebar module, click here for more information. Here’s how to tell which Browser you have:

Older browsers have a sidebar button; the newest browser has a history button


Here’s How

  1. Open the Browser and sign in to AT&T Yahoo!.

  2. Click the history button near the top of the Browser to open the History panel.

    Click the history button to open the History panel

  3. Click Today or one of the dates listed to see a list of web sites you visited that day or week.

    Tip: To see a different organization of your browsing history, select one of the alternate options on the view menu.

    Select a view of the browsing history

  4. Adjust the width of the History panel by dragging the vertical divider on the panel’s left side.

    Drag the divider to adjust the history panel’s width

  5. Click any URL listed to go to that web site.

    Click a History URL to go to the associated web site

  6. To view a specific page that you visited on a web site, click the expand arrow to the left of the web site you want to expand.

    Click the arrow to expand a site's history

    The web site expands to display the individual web pages you visited on that site. You can click any of the individual web page links to go to that page.

  7. To close the History panel, click the history button again.

    Click the history button to close the History panel.


What’s Next

You can clear your browsing history to eliminate the record of web pages you’ve visited.


Words to Know

  • Browsing history: the history of the web pages you have visited over the last few weeks.
  • URL: Universal Resource Locator; specifies the location of a file or web page, such as