Getting Started With the Yahoo! Browser

Launching the Yahoo! Browser Customizing the Toolbar Closing the Yahoo! Browser Signing Out

Customizing the Toolbar

In the Yahoo! Browser, the default Toolbar displays the following buttons:

Yahoo! ToolbarEnlarge

The initial set of buttons that appears in your Browser is based on information you provide when you open your AT&T Yahoo! account. Your set of buttons might be different from the buttons shown above.

Following is a list of all of the available Toolbar buttons and their actions:

  • Bookmarks—Displays your list of bookmarks
  • AT&T Yahoo!—Opens the AT&T Yahoo! web page
  • Mail—Opens your Mail page
  • Finance—Opens the Finance page
  • Games—Opens the Games page
  • Geocities—Opens the GeoCities page
  • Help—Opens the Browser's main online help page (You must identify your service type and domain the first time you click Help.)
  • Home—Opens your home page, which you can set to any web page you like using Internet Options (available on the Tools menu)
  • Music—Opens your LAUNCHcast Radio page
  • My—Opens your customized AT&T Home Page
  • News—Opens the News page
  • People —Opens the People and Chat page
  • Personals—Opens the Personals page
  • Print—Prints the current page
  • Protection—Opens the Online Protection Dashboard
  • Sports—Opens the Sports page
  • Shopping—Opens the Shopping page
  • Travel—Opens the Travel page
  • Yahoo!—Opens the main Yahoo! web page

You can change the buttons that appear on the Toolbar to suit your preferences. Any changes you make while you are signed in affect only your Toolbar. Other users, even if they are on the same computer, can customize their own Toolbars. You will see your customized Toolbar everywhere you sign in, regardless of how many different computers you use.


Here’s How

  1. Sign in to AT&T Yahoo!.

  2. Click the Customize button on the Toolbar.

    Click the Customize button

    The Edit my Yahoo! Browser buttons page appears.

    The list on the right displays the buttons currently on your Toolbar. The list on the left displays all of the available buttons that you can add to your customized Toolbar.

  3. To add one or more buttons to your Toolbar, select them from the list on the left, and then click the Add button. Alternatively, you can double-click the names of the buttons you want to add.

    Adding toolbar buttonsEnlarge

    The button(s) you add appear in the My Selected Buttons list.

  4. If you want to remove any buttons from the Toolbar, select them from the list on the right, and then click the Remove button.

    Removing toolbar buttonsEnlarge

    The removed button(s) no longer appear in the My Selected Buttons list.

  5. To add the AT&T Yahoo! button to your Toolbar, check the box next to Add the AT&T Yahoo! button... under the lists. When you click the AT&T Yahoo! button, the Browser opens your AT&T Home Page.

  6. When you finish customizing the Toolbar, click the Finished button.

  7. You return to the Browser. If you do not see your changes, close the Browser and relaunch it. (It is not necessary to sign out.)


What’s Next

You can close the Browser and sign out when you are done browsing the Internet.


Words to Know

  • Domain: a set of Internet addresses, such as for a web site or email. On the Web, a domain is the part after "www." such as "".
  • Online Protection Dashboard: a tool that allows you to view and control the suite of security tools that Yahoo! provides, including Norton AntiVirus, Norton Personal Firewall, Parental Controls, AddressGuard, and SpamGuard Plus.
  • Sign out: the opposite of sign in; to remove all of your personal information and preferences with regard to Yahoo! products and services, so no one else can use your account.
  • Toolbar: a row of buttons across the top of the browser window that you can click to perform various tasks.