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What Is Text Messaging in att.net Mail?

Email and chatting are great when you want to communicate with friends on computers. Now with att.net Mail’s text messaging feature, you can also reach out to friends and family through their SMS-enabled mobile devices, without having to use a separate text messaging application.

You know the kind of situation. You’re at the office and your teenager and her cell phone are out there somewhere. You need to know what she’s up to, but you don’t really want all your cubicle neighbors to listen in on a phone conversation. You can simply sit at your computer, send a text message to your child using att.net Mail, and receive an immediate response.

So, let’s just repeat the highlights and get you texting!

  • Text messaging lets you communicate with your contacts in real time so that you receive instant replies.
  • Use text messaging to communicate with any of your Yahoo! contacts who have an SMS-enabled mobile phone or other communications device.
  • Use att.net Mail text messaging without downloading additional software.
  • Convert a chat conversation or email message in progress to a text message—and vice versa.

Notes: Wireless carriers may charge your contacts fees for receiving and sending text messages. But att.net Mail users are not charged for sending or receiving text messages in att.net Mail—for you, it’s free!


What’s Next

All you have to do to start text messaging is sign in to chat through your online status.

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Words to Know

  • Contact: a person with whom you interact; someone to whom you might want to send an email, instant message, or text message.
  • Mobile device: a wireless communication device for exchanging voice, text, and/or graphic information; includes pagers, mobile phones, web phones, pagers, two-way pagers, PDAs, and Internet appliances.
  • SMS: abbreviation for "short message service", which is another name for text messaging.
  • Mobile text messaging: sending and receiving written messages on a variety of devices via ’short message service’ (SMS).