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Deleting Messages

When old email messages start piling up, you can delete email messages from any of your folders.


Here’s How

  1. Display the folder containing the email you want to delete, and select the message or messages to delete. (Remind me how to select multiple messages.)

    Tip: You might find it useful to sort your messages before selecting the ones you want to delete. For example, if you want to delete all the messages from a particular sender, first sort by sender. That way, all the messages from each person will appear together in the message list and you can easily find and delete the ones you want.

  2. Click the Delete button (or press your computer’s Delete key).

    Select one or more messages, then click the Delete button. Mail moves the selected messages into your Trash folder.

    Tip: You can also delete email by dragging selected messages straight to the Trash folder.

  3. Didn’t mean to delete that message? You can retrieve deleted messages from your Trash folder, as long as the trash hasn’t been deleted yet. To retrieve a deleted message, select the Trash folder in the folders pane, select the message or messages you want to retrieve, and drag them to your Inbox or another folder.

    Drag the selected message from the Trash folder to another folder.

  4. To permanently delete the messages in your Trash folder, click the Empty link next to the Trash folder on the left navigation bar.

    Click the Empty link next to the Trash folder.


What’s Next

Remember that Mail can permanently remove the messages in your Trash folder at any time without warning, so don’t put messages in the trash if you might want them later. After the Trash folder is empty, you can’t retrieve the deleted messages.

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Words to Know

  • Folder: a container that holds individual elements specific to the context; for example, email messages in Mail or bookmarks in the Bookmarks Sidebar module.
  • Inbox: a folder where you receive incoming email.
  • Trash folder: the folder into which Mail moves all deleted email messages.