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Turning Chat Off

Maybe you don’t really want to interrupt what you’re doing to chat online, or maybe you’re a dedicated Yahoo! Messenger user. Or perhaps you just don’t want your contacts to see when you’re online. Whatever the case, you’d rather not use the Mail chat feature on a regular basis and would prefer to have it disabled by default.

It’s easy to turn chat off. Your online status controls whether you’re able to chat. When your status is Offline, you’re unavailable to chat and others can’t see that you’re online using Mail.


Here’s How

  1. On the Mail chat status menu, change your status to Sign out of chat.

    Select "Sign out of chat" from the menu.

    Your chat status changes to Offline.

    Your status is "Offline"

    You should also see that there are no online contacts displayed on the left side of your screen.

    No online contacts are displayed.

  2. Sign out of Mail while your chat status is Offline.

    Sign out of Mail while your status is Offline.

    The next time you sign in to use Mail, chat will still be turned off and will stay that way until you decide to enable it again by changing your chat status.


What’s Next

Chat when you want to and turn chat off when you don’t—it’s easy in Mail.

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Words to Know

  • Online Status: a setting that lets others know when you are available to chat.