Using Disposable Addresses

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Sending Messages Using Disposable Addresses

When you reply to an email sent to one of your disposable addresses, Mail automatically uses that disposable address as the From address. Neither your name nor your primary Mail address is revealed, unless you manually choose to use them in your reply.

You can also protect your main Mail address by using a disposable address when you send a new message.


Here’s How

  1. Start writing a new email message as described in Composing a New Email Message.

  2. In the From box of the new email message tab, choose the disposable address you want to use from the pull-down menu.

    Select the disposable address that you want to use from the From menu.

    If you included a From name—such as "Happy Camper"—when you created the disposable address, that name appears in the From header of messages that you send, along with the disposable address.

  3. Complete and send the message as usual.


What’s Next

Once a disposable address has served its purpose, it’s easy to delete.

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Words to Know

  • Disposable email address: a customized email address that you create to protect your regular Mail address.