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Creating Additional Disposable Addresses

Using the base name you chose when you set up your first disposable address, you can create new addresses whenever you need them. You can indicate the folder into which Mail delivers messages addressed to a disposable address, and you can specify what name you want your recipient to see in the "From" information.


Here’s How

  1. Go to the Disposable Email Addresses options page in Mail . (Remind me how.)

  2. To create a new address, click the Add Address button at the top of the page.

    Click the Add Address button.

    A window appears for creating a new disposable address.

  3. Type a keyword to use with your base name.

    Use a word or abbreviation that makes sense to you and make sure not to use spaces or symbols.

    Type a keyword to use with the base name.

  4. If you’d like Mail to deliver messages sent to this disposable address into a folder other than your Inbox, select a personal folder from the Deliver messages to menu.

    Select a personal folder from the Deliver messages to menu.

    Tip: The Indicator option isn’t supported in the all-new Mail.

  5. If you’d like your recipient to see a name in addition to the disposable email address in the "From" area, type in the Your "From" name box.

    Type a "From" name in the box.

  6. Check the box next to Use Filters if you want Mail to apply your personal filters to the messages before delivering them.

  7. Check the box next to Use SpamGuard if you want SpamGuard to filter all messages sent to your disposable address. If SpamGuard identifies a message as spam, it delivers the message to your Spam folder, even though you set the Deliver to option for this address to a personal folder.

    Check the box next to the options you want to use.

  8. Add something in Notes if you like, then click the Save button.

    The new address appears in your list of disposable addresses.

    The new disposable address appears in your list.


What’s Next

You can change the delivery options for a disposable address any time by selecting the address in the Disposable Address list and clicking the Edit button.

Select the disposable address, then click the Edit button.Enlarge

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Words to Know

  • Base name: the first part of your disposable address, which is common to all the disposable addresses you create.
  • Display name: a personal nickname of your choosing that appears on your profile on Yahoo!; protects the privacy of your real name from people you don’t know.
  • Disposable email address: a customized email address that you create to protect your regular Mail address.
  • Filter: a rule that Mail uses to direct an incoming message to a particular folder.
  • Personal folder: a mail folder that the user created.
  • Spam: unsolicited email on the Internet; also called "junk mail".
  • Spam folder: a permanent folder that SpamGuard uses to hold messages it considers spam.