Adding Calendar Events

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Adding Detailed Events

Some events require more details, such as a repeat time. Use the event editor to create or edit this type of event.


Here’s How

  1. Click the Add Event button at the top of the calendar.

    Click the Add Event button.

    Tip: You can also do a quick add and then click the arrow button and select Add More Details to open the event editor.

    Click the arrow button to the left of the event box, then select Add More Details.

    The editor opens displaying the current day and time.

    The event editorEnlarge

  2. Type a title for your event.

    The title is required. All other information is optional.

    Type a title for the event.

  3. Complete the optional information as you like.

    • Specify a Start and End time, or check the box if this is an all-day event.

    • Add a Location.

      Note: Information you add to this box doesn’t appear in event invitations. If you plan to send invitations, add the location information to the Notes box.

    • Specify the event Type, which can be anything from fun to a color. Specifying a type is another way to organize your events and can be useful when searching for events of a particular type.

      Select an event type.

    • Select a Calendar in which to add the event. Having multiple calendars makes it easy to organize your events. To learn more about multiple calendars, see the Working With Multiple Calendars tutorial.

    • Add Notes about the event.

      Caution: Notes are included in invitations. Don’t include information that you don’t want others to see if you plan to send invitations out with this event.

    • Add a Web Address, such as a restaurant web page if you are dining out.

    • A reminder is sent 15 minutes before the event start time. If you want to change this, expand the Reminder section and make adjustments.

      Change the reminder settings.

      Note: Your email choices are those listed in your Yahoo! account. To add or remove addresses, click the gear button to open your account page. On your account page, click the Update your contact information link, make your changes, then click Save.

      Click the gear button to access your account.

    • Events aren’t repeated by default. You can specify a repeat by expanding Repeat and changing the options.

      Specify a repeat option.

    • If you’d like to invite people to this event, expand the Invite section and add email addresses in the To box separating each address with a comma.

      Type email addresses to invite people to your event.

      Tip: Click the plus button to add people from your Yahoo! Contacts.

  4. Click the Save button to add the event to your calendar and to send invitations if you’ve added invitees.

    Click the Save button.

    If you don’t see your event in the calendar, make sure that the calendar is visible by clicking the box next to the calendar name on the left side of the page.

    Click the box next to a calendar name to make the calendar visible.


What’s Next

You can edit your event any time as shown in the Editing an Event tutorial.

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