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Setting Up Event Reminders

Setting Default RemindersSetting Reminders on Specific Events

Setting Default Reminders

Reminders help you remember an event by alerting you ahead of time. In Yahoo! Calendar, you can have up to two reminders sent to you through email or an instant message. You can set default reminders to use for all new events. You can always change the defaults for specific events.


Here’s How

  1. While viewing your calendar, select Calendar Options from the Options menu at the top of the page.

    Select Calendar Options from the Options menu.

    Tip: If you don’t see Calendar Options on the Options menu, be sure you are viewing the Calendar tab and not one of your Mail tabs.

    The Options page opens.

  2. Click Reminders on the left side of the page.

    Click Reminders on the left.

  3. Set default values for your reminders.

    • Time - the time you want your first reminder to occur. You can specify No Reminder.

    • Again - the time you want a second reminder to occur. You can specify No Reminder.

    • Via - indicate how you want to receive your reminders.

    Set your defaults for receiving reminders.

    Note: Your email choices are those listed in your Yahoo! account. To add or remove addresses, click the gear button to open your account page. On your account page, click the Update your contact information link, make your changes, then click Save.

    Click the gear button to access your account and edit your email addresses.

  4. Click the Back to Calendar button to save your default reminder settings.

    Click the Back to Calendar button to save your reminder settings.

    All new events will show these default reminder values.


What’s Next

Defaults are great. They eliminate the need to set the options every time you add a new event. Defaults are also flexible in that you aren’t forced to use can set different values for specific events.


Words to Know

  • Event: an upcoming activity that you enter in your Yahoo! Calendar, such as a birthday or doctor’s appointment.
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