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Opening Yahoo! Mail Your Way

OverviewOpening in a Web BrowserOpening in an Email ApplicationForwarding Mail to Another Account


If you’ve read the Yahoo! Mail Quick Start tutorial, then you probably already know how to open and read your Yahoo! Mail using a Web browser. This may be the most convenient way for you to read and send email from your Yahoo! Mail account. And, maybe not...

Being the flexible, make-life-easier company that we are, we give you a variety of options for opening and using your Yahoo! Mail. In this tutorial, we’ll show you several ways to do just that.

  • Opening in a Web browser

    When you use this method, you’re connecting to a server somewhere in Yahoo!land that stores your Yahoo! Mail (and all of your account information). Because you’re using a Web browser, you can access your email on virtually any computer in the world with an Internet connection.

  • Opening in an email application

    If you have an email application, such as Outlook or Eudora, installed on your computer, or a PDA email application, such as VersaMail, installed on your mobile phone, you can set up the email application to connect to the Yahoo! Mail server and access your mail account using the application.

  • By forwarding your Yahoo! Mail to another email account

    Using this method, you can set up Yahoo! Mail to forward all incoming email messages to another email address, even another Yahoo! Mail address. For example, let’s say you have your Yahoo! account,, and you have another email account, If most of your email comes to, it might make sense to forward your Yahoo! Mail to that account so you can read and organise all of your email in one place.


What’s Next

Accessing Other Email Accounts Through Yahoo! Mail

If you’re looking for a way to manage multiple email accounts in one location, you might consider setting up your Yahoo! Mail to receive and send email messages from your other email accounts. We cover this in the Accessing Other Email Accounts tutorial.

Using Multiple Email Addresses in One Yahoo! Mail Account

If you create multiple email accounts to avoid giving your "real" email address to businesses and people you don’t know, use Yahoo! Mail’s disposable addresses and access all your email in one place while cutting down on spam. Your Yahoo! Mail account can have many disposable addresses. If you find that a particular disposable address is receiving lots of spam, delete it. Your real email address is still active and still relatively free of unwanted mail.


Words to Know

  • Disposable email address: a customised email address that you create to protect your regular Yahoo! Mail address.