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  • Getting Started With Yahoo! Toolbar

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    Signing In to Your Yahoo! Account

    If you’ve elected to save your customisations to your Yahoo! ID, you need to sign in to your account before you can see your personal Toolbar. You know you’re signed in if the settings button is green Settings button.

    Tip: Signing into any Yahoo! property does the trick.


    Here’s How

    1. To sign in through Yahoo! Toolbar, click the settings button, then click the Sign In link.

      Click the settings button.

      Click the Sign In link.

      The Yahoo! Sign In page opens.

    2. Type your Yahoo! IDand password, then click the Sign In button.

      You’re now signed in to Yahoo!, and your Yahoo! Toolbar is updated with your customisations.


    What’s Next

    You don’t have to sign in to use the Yahoo! Toolbar. The choice is your as to whether or not your Toolbar customizations are saved locally or to your Yahoo! account. Click here to learn more.


    Words to Know

    • App: a button on your Toolbar that lets you link to and, in many cases, preview a Web page.
    • Yahoo! ID: the name by which a person is known to all Yahoo! networks.