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    Removing an App

    The quickest way to remove one or more of your Apps is through the Change Layout page.


    Here’s How

    1. Open the Edit Apps tab. (Remind me how.)

    2. In the Change Layout tab, place the cursor over the App you want to remove, then click the remove button (Remove) that appears.

      Click the remove button that appears.

      The button is removed from the Change Layout tab and from your Toolbar.

    3. Click the I’m Done button.

      Click the I’m Done button.


    What’s Next

    My Apps is as useful as you make it. Add, rearrange, and remove buttons as often as you like...it’s yours, so do what works best for you.


    Words to Know

    • App: a button on your Toolbar that lets you link to and, in many cases, preview a Web page.