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Adding Contacts

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Adding Contacts From Incoming Email

When someone who sends you an email message isn’t in your Yahoo! Contacts, you’ll see an add link next to the sender’s name in the message header. You can add this person to your contacts right from the email.


Here’s How

  1. If, while reading a message in Yahoo! Mail Classic, you see an add link next to the sender’s name and you want to add the person to your contacts, click the link.

    Click the add icon in Yahoo! Mail Classic.

    The Add window opens with the person’s name and email address already entered.

  2. Enter additional information if you want, then save the details to your address book.

    In Yahoo! Mail Classic, type additional information, then click the Add to Address Book button.

    The new contact is added to your address book.


What’s Next

After you add the contact to your Yahoo! Contacts, you can edit the new entry to add more information as described in the Editing Contact Information.


Words to Know

  • Contact: a person with whom you interact; someone to whom you might want to send an email or instant message.