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Managing Your Mailbox

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Working With Folders

Looking to keep better tabs on your messages? You’re in luck. Yahoo!7 Mail folders make it easy to organise those incoming and outgoing messages.

Yahoo!7 Mail stores all your messages for as long as you have your Yahoo!7 Mail account, no matter what folder they’re in (with the exception of Trash and Spam)—and there’s no limit to the number of messages that you can save.

On the left side of the Mail page, you’ll notice that your mailbox has six special-purpose, permanent folders that you can’t remove or rename:

  • Inbox icon  Inbox—Unless you tell us otherwise, all incoming messages automatically go to your Inbox folder (except suspected spam). You can read your mail in the Inbox, then delete it, move it to another folder, or leave it in the Inbox.

  • Conversations folder icon Conversations—The conversations folder holds past conversations including instant messages and phone conversations that you’ve had through Yahoo!7 Messenger.

  • Drafts folder icon Drafts—The Drafts folder holds messages that you’ve composed but haven’t sent yet. A message saved in your Drafts folder stays there until you either send it or delete it.

  • Sent folder icon Sent—You have the option of saving copies of the email messages you’ve sent in your Sent folder. This makes it simple for you to review or resend the message if necessary.

  • Trash folder icon Trash—When you delete messages in Yahoo!7 Mail, they’re moved to the Trash folder. But remember that messages in your Trash folder can be deleted at any time without warning. So don’t put them in the Trash if you want them later. You can also empty the Trash folder yourself. Once messages are emptied from the Trash folder, they are permanently deleted from the Yahoo!7 Mail server and can’t be recovered.

  • Spam folder icon Spam—The first time you get a message that SpamGuard considers junk mail, it creates an additional permanent folder called Spam, where it stores these messages.

With this in mind, you’ll see that it’s easy to view the contents of any folder in your Yahoo!7 Mail account.


Here’s How

  1. To see the contents of a folder, click its name on the left side of the page.

    Click the name of the folder to see its contents.

    The contents of the folder appear on the right.

    Contents of the selected folder

  2. To read a message, click anywhere in the message row.

  3. To close a folder, click the name of a different folder.


What’s Next

In addition to permanent folders, you can create personal folders for your email messages.


Words to Know

  • Folder: a container that holds individual elements specific to the context; for example, email messages in Yahoo!7 Mail.
  • Junk mail: unsolicited email on the Internet; also called spam.
  • Permanent folder: a mail folder that is automatically created in a Yahoo!7 Mail account and can’t be deleted.
  • Spam: unsolicited email on the Internet; also called "junk mail".