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Deleting Contacts

Deleting One or More ContactsRestoring Deleted ContactsPermanently Deleting Contacts

Restoring Deleted Contacts

When you delete a contact, the information is moved to Deleted Contacts. This gives you an opportunity to change your mind and restore information back to your contact list. Keep in mind that the deleted information remains in Deleted Contacts for up to a month, and can be permanently removed at any time.


Here’s How

  1. Click the View button above the list of contact names, then select Deleted Contacts.

    Select Deleted Contacts from the View button.

    A list of deleted contacts displays.

    Tip: You can’t view a deleted contact’s details. Don’t worry, all the information is there and will be visible if you restore the contact.

  2. Check the box to the left of each contact you want to restore, then click Restore.

    Check the box to the left of each contact, then click Restore.

  3. Confirm that you want to restore these contacts to your Yahoo!7 Contacts.

    Confirm that you want to restore the deleted contacts.

    The contacts are returned to your contact list. You’ll need to re-establish connections and category affiliations if they existed before. Learn more If any of the restored contacts were members of your Yahoo!7 Messenger List, you’ll need to add them again.


What’s Next

If you want to ensure that a contact is permanently removed from your Yahoo!7 Contacts, Permanently Deleting Contacts shows you how.


Words to Know

  • Category: a group of contacts in your Yahoo!7 Contacts. Categories let you send the same email to everyone in a category and let you organise information by groups.
  • Connection: a person you spend significant time online with and with whom you want to share personal information. Connections have privileged access to each others’ profiles.
  • Deleted Contacts: a system category that temporarily holds contacts deleted from Yahoo!7 Contacts.
  • Yahoo! Messenger: an application that lets you communicate using your voice, text, or other means with one or more people over the Internet in real time (instantly).


    To learn more about categories, click here.