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  • Using Cost of Goods with Merchandising Categories

    Last Updated: May 24, 2011
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    The COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) feature lets you upload product costs for each of your products and calculate the margin (as opposed to ROAS or CPA). This lets you associate costs with each of your products and calculate how each campaign contributes to your profits. The COGS feature is part of the Merchandising Categories upload, and you need to enable it after you set up your merchandising categories.

    To use the COGS feature:

    1. Navigate to Settings > Merchandising Categories > Customize and upload merchandising categories. This opens the Merchandising Categories page.
    2. Scroll to the Cost of Goods Sold section and enable the feature by checking off the box and clicking on the Update button.
    3. Click on the Next button. This opens the Merchandising Categories Upload page.
    4. Click on the Generate Template button. This will generate the template with a sample of your tracked SKUs.
    5. Once the file is generated, download the CSV template provided.

      Provided you have previously enabled the COGS feature, the CSV file contains two fields specific to COGS:

      • Type - the type of product cost, either the percentage sign or a currency symbol.
      • Value - the product cost value, always a number. When entering a currency, you need to use the three-letter currency abbreviation used by Yahoo Web Analytics for tracking currencies, e.g., USD, EUR, etc. See Available Currencies for a list of valid currencies.
    6. Fill in the type and value fields, then save the CSV file and upload it. Once you have uploaded the CSV file, this information will be available by default in the Merchandising Summary report.

    The COGS feature uses two specific metrics, COGS and Margin, which can be found in the Custom Report Wizard under Metrics in the Sales category.

    Note: If you want to track product margin when product costs change, we suggest you use different SKU codes for the different product costs you enter in the CSV file. You can do this by adding a postfix to the SKU for a specific product to indicate the changing cost.

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