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    Last Updated: May 24, 2011
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    What's in the JavaScript Version Report?

    Use the JavaScript Version report to show the number and percentage of visits to your web site that come from browsers with different versions of JavaScript. This information will give you a better understanding of what people actually see when visiting your web site. For example, if you designed your site with many JavaScript rollovers or other special effects, you will know how many of your visits accessed those effects.

    For each JavaScript version, the report displays the following:

    • the number of visits
    • the percentage of visits

    Note: JavaScript is now used frequently in designing web site navigation. If you decide to use this technology, you will want to be sure that your site navigation is clear and available to those who do not use JavaScript or are using older versions.

    Information Displayed in the Report

    By default, this report displays a graphical illustration of the number and percentage of visits that are associated with the versions of JavaScript used by visitors to your site. The level of detail that displays in the graph varies and is based on selections in the settings panel. It also provides a table that displays the actual number and percentage of visits from different versions of JavaScript.

    Accessing the JavaScript Version Report

    To access this report, go to Reports > System > then select the JavaScript Version option.

    Working with the JavaScript Version Report

    To fine tune, print, customize, export, save, or configure your JavaScript Version Report, see Managing Your Reports.

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