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  • How do I track the products I am selling?

    Last Updated: March 28, 2012
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    First, you need to ensure that the SKU. is tracked on your website. To do this, you need to use the setSKU method.

    Here's how your code could look:

    YWATracker.setOrderId("123xxx"); YWATracker.submit();

    Once you begin collecting this data, your Merchandising Summary Report (available under Marketing - Merchandising) will begin to be populated. At this point you will see your products listed by SKU only:

    Merchandising Summary Report, SKU View
    Figure 1: Merchandising Summary Report, SKU View

    Next, you may want to upload product name information and merchandising categories. To do so:

    1. Go to Settings > Merchandising Categories > Customize and upload merchandising categories. Here you will be able to set up merchandising categories by enabling the predefined merchandising categories or by entering your own product categories (e.g., Product Type, Product Subtype).

      Create Merchandising Categories
      Figure 2: Create Merchandising Categories

    2. Go to the Next page and download the .CSV template file provided. It will list your tracked products by SKU.

    3. For each SKU, associate the relevant product name (e.g., Sony Cybershot DSC-W7) and category (e.g., Sony) in the template file.

    4. Upload the file through the Merchandising Categories Upload page.

    You’re done!

    While it’s not mandatory to create merchandising categories, they’re very useful when you want to check the performance of your product categories.

    SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) = A unique product identifier. Yahoo Web Analytics tracks products by their SKU information. The SKU is a number associated with a product for inventory purposes, and each product must have a unique SKU.
    Merchandising (Product) Categories = A YWA term used for custom categories you create in order to receive reports, not only at product level, but also at category level. Merchandising categories are created only for reporting purposes and require no changes to the tracking code.

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