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  • What is Yahoo Web Analytics?

    Last Updated: May 24, 2011
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    Yahoo Web Analytics is designed to enable you to view, in near real-time, the experiences of visitors to your website. With Yahoo Web Analytics you can understand how visitors get to your site, what they do while there, how many and which ones take different kinds of actions and, where possible, the benefit and cost of each lead.

    Yahoo Web Analytics also enables you to publish segments to Yahoo supported exchanges such as Right Media Exchange.

    Yahoo Web Analytics helps you identify the ads, campaigns, keywords and referrals that contribute the most to your bottom line. It helps you understand what pages, content and products perform better than others, thereby helping you maximize customer engagement and product merchandising on your site, as well as structure your site to optimize task completion rates. And by providing valuable metrics about customers’ experiences on your website, Yahoo Web Analytics can help you allocate time and budget better, increase visitor engagement and satisfaction, convert more visitors into customers, and transform existing customers into loyal fans.

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