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What do I need to do to participate in [product_submit/]?

To participate in Product Submit you must:

  1. Sell fixed-price products online—You must be able to sell and ship fixed-price products to the United States.
  2. Sign up for a Yahoo ID—To manage your Product Submit account, you are required to have a Yahoo ID. There is no charge for a Yahoo ID and you can create one when you sign up for your account.
  3. Agree to the Product Submit Terms and Conditions
  4. Fund your account using your credit card.
  5. Submit a product feed or register your Store—Follow the Yahoo Shopping Merchant Guidelines to create and submit a detailed listing of your products. Use FTP or our easy web-based tool to upload it as a text file. Some fields, such as product name and price, are required; other fields are optional. However, providing complete information can improve your position and visibility in Yahoo Shopping.
  6. Yahoo Store and Yahoo Merchant Solutions customers do not have to upload a product feed. Learn more.

    You can create your product feed before you sign up by following the Product Feed Specifications now. You can submit this product feed after you have created an account.

  7. Provide product descriptions in English and pricing in U.S. dollars.

New!The Yahoo Product Submit team is pleased to announce the availability of a bidded marketplace in Product Submit. After completing the above 6 steps, your products will be categorized into Yahoo Shopping categories. You’ll have to place bids on these categories to ensure that your products appear in Yahoo Shopping. Click here to learn all about bidding

Note: Product Submit works best using Internet Explorer 5.0 and above.

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