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What is the "yahoo-shopping-category" field?

The yahoo-shopping-category field helps indicate where your products should be listed in Yahoo Shopping. Yahoo reviews all categorizations and reserves the right to re-categorize or remove products at any time.

Yahoo can do the work of categorizing your products for you. Auto-categorization is the default setting when you create your account because it is the fastest way to have listings approved and requires no additional work on your part. However, if you wish to categorize your products yourself, you can do this by listing one of the Yahoo Shopping categories in the "yahoo-shopping-category" field for each of your products.

Please Note: The Browse areas on Yahoo Shopping, which are more refined than Yahoo Shopping categories, are populated using a combination of factors—including, but not limited to, your product names and descriptions. It is NOT possible to categorize your products to our detailed Browse categories using the "yahoo-shopping-category" field.

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