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Yahoo My Display Ads Self Serve Pilot Frequently Asked Questions


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What is Yahoo My Display Ads?

Yahoo My Display Ads allows advertisers to easily create banner ads by adding text, logo, color and images. The campaigns can be targeted to specific audiences, set to a daily budget, and run across the Yahoo Network.

After creating an account, advertisers have full access to the Yahoo My Display Ads public library of ad templates. You can then customize ads for your business or service by adding text, images, logos or background color. There is no additional cost to customize an ad, and you can customize as many ads from the public library as you would like. Once you customize your ad, it automatically saves into five ad sizes that can run across the Yahoo network.

How does Yahoo My Display Ads work?

Yahoo My Display Ads makes it easy for small businesses to create banner ads that run across the Yahoo network. This is an example of how the process works:

  • Advertiser imports images and copy from its website or landing page to use in banner ads.
  • Campaign set-up: advertiser customizes ad(s), targets campaigns, and selects pricing preferences and a daily budget.
  • When ready to run ads, advertiser submits campaign for approval.
  • Creative, targeting, pricing or daily budget can be changed at any time. However, please allow AT LEAST? one business day for changes to take effect.
  • Campaigns can be paused to stop the delivery of ads. However, please allow one business day for changes to take effect.

What are the benefits of using Yahoo My Display Ads?

Yahoo My Display Ads is designed to help small-sized advertisers meet their brand and performance goals. An advertiser can customize an ad for brand awareness, or add a call-to-action to drive a direct response, such as a new lead or online purchase. The product also has daily reporting to measure key metrics.

What types of businesses can benefit from Yahoo My Display Ads?

Yahoo My Display Ads was designed primarily for mid-sized and small businesses that have historically advertised only in search ads and/or traditional media. The service makes the complicated process of building and running display ads more efficient, economical and intuitive for small-sized advertisers. Using Yahoo My Display Ads, advertisers that lack graphic designers or developed creative can easily create and run banner campaigns across the Yahoo network and partner sites, in a matter of days.

How does Yahoo My Display Ads compare to other self-serve display ad solutions?

While other providers may have announced similar initiatives, Yahoo My Display Ads offers valuable services, including:

  • Competitive pricing for the quality of inventory and engaged audiences that the Yahoo network offers
  • Variety of targeting options
  • Ability to advertise across the entire Yahoo network, including Yahoo properties and partner sites—some of the most viewed web pages and display ads online
  • Variety of display ad templates from which to choose

How do I sign up for My Display Ads?

  • Begin by clicking the "Create an account!" link at the top of the Yahoo My Display Ads homepage at
  • Once you've created your account, browse the ad library to find ad templates that best fit your product or service.
  • Next, use our tools to customize your ads.
  • Once your ads are created, follow our campaign creation instructions.

How can I deactivate or pause my Yahoo My Display Ads account?

To stop your ads from running, please go to the Campaigns tab and select the pause button next to the campaign(s) you would like to pause, or email us at, or call us at (866) 924-6676. However, please allow one business day for changes to take effect.

Cost and Billing

How much does it cost to distribute a customized ad campaign through Yahoo My Display Ads?

The cost of an ad campaign in Yahoo My Display Ads can vary. Advertisers are charged for distribution of ads up to the daily budget that they set for each campaign, with a minimum daily budget of U.S. $30. Advertisers can elect to pay for ads on an impression (CPM) or cost-per-click basis (CPC). Advertisers determine their bid amount, and the UI automatically displays a bid minimum and recommendation based on selected targeting criteria.

Once a campaign is running, we try to deliver ads to as many placements as possible based on budget and targeting selections. However, a daily budget may not be reached every day, in which case advertisers are charged only for the clicks or impressions that actually occurred. It is also possible that your daily budget will be reached every day, and, when that happens, you will be billed your daily budget amount for each such day.

How much does it cost to create a customized ad?

There is no additional cost to set up an account or customize ads. You may customize as many ads as you like after creating a Yahoo My Display Ads account, and all customized ads can be stored in the ad library within your account and used whenever you decide to run a campaign through Yahoo My Display Ads. You are only charged when your ads are distributed. When you are ready to run a campaign with your customized ads, select your advertising budget and decide where you’d like your ads to run (i.e., your ad “targeting”).

How are advertisers charged for placements?

To submit a campaign for distribution of your ads via the Yahoo network, you must first enter credit card and billing information. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. The credit card you provide will serve as your primary payment method, and you will be charged for distribution of your ads based on the daily budget that you set for each campaign. When you submit your credit card to distribute a campaign, you authorize us to obtain a pre-approval verification that your credit card has enough available credit, up to the total amount of the daily budget that you set for each of your campaigns.

Once you have activated your first campaign with Yahoo My Display Ads, your credit card will be billed for all accrued charges on the first business day after such campaign incurs any charges. After that successful initial debit to your credit card, your credit card will be billed for all accrued charges on the earlier of (a) each time your account reaches U.S. $300, or (b) the 1st and/or 16th of each month, regardless of the dollar value of accrued charges.

You may cancel your account or any campaign at any time. You will be billed until you have paid in full for all outstanding charges incurred through the date of your cancellation.


How do I customize an ad?

You can browse the Yahoo My Display Ads public library until you find an ad template that you want to customize. You can sort by category, but don’t necessarily limit yourself to those categories--there might be other ads in the library that are better suited to your purposes. Then you can use the customization tool to change text, images and colors, and to add your logo. When you are finished customizing your ad, it will be automatically saved in five different ad sizes that can run across the Yahoo network. There is no additional cost to run all five ad sizes, so we recommend that you start your campaign running in all sizes. Our reporting tools will allow you to see which ad sizes are performing best, and you can pause any lower performing ad sizes. You can also save ads to your private library for future use.

Where will my ads run?

Your ads will run on the Yahoo Network based on a number of factors, including the targeting and placement preferences you selected during your campaign setup.

Can I have a list of the specific sites my ads will be placed on?

I’m sorry, but we do not provide a list of sites that your ad will be placed on. All ads are served on sites within the Yahoo Network based on a number of factors, including your targeting selections and CPC or CPM bid.

Will I be able to view my ads on the web?

There is a chance that you will see your ads while browsing sites on the Web, but specifically pinpointing where and when your ad will be served is not possible given the volume of ads.

Will my ad appear in any search engine results?

No. Your ad will not appear in search engine results.

Campaign Set-up

Can I use my own ads in Yahoo My Display Ads?

Yes; once you set up an account with Yahoo My Display Ads, you can upload all of your own creative files to run in your campaigns. To upload your own ad creative into your private library, click on the “Upload Ad” button under the “Ads” tab and follow the instructions. All ads will be submitted for approval regardless of whether they were uploaded or customized in Yahoo My Display Ads.

What is reviewed during campaign approval?

Your campaign will pass through an approval review in which Yahoo will review your campaigns for any issues that might prevent your campaign from running on the Yahoo network. If we identify any issues, we will inform you via email. We consider a number of factors, including:

  • Landing Page: whether users who click on your ads are being sent to an active landing page that is relevant to the offer presented in the ad.
  • Ad Creative Requirements: whether all sizes of the ad display the customized changes you made, including, but not limited to the following:
    • The ad logo placeholder is replaced or hidden.
    • The text and images meet Yahoo guidelines.
    • Ads have a distinct border to clearly identify where the advertisement begins.
    • The sponsor of the ad must be clearly identified in the advertisement.
The five available ad sizes through Yahoo My Display Ads are: 300x250, 120x600, 160x600, 728x90 and 468x60. An overview of the Yahoo ad specs and guidelines can be found at:

What happens after I submit my campaign?

When you click the “Submit your campaign” button, your campaign is sent to Yahoo for approval. We’ll review your ad(s) for compliance with Yahoo display advertising guidelines, which generally takes approximately one to four business days. Shortly after your campaign is approved, the ads will be live and eligible to begin serving impressions. You will receive an email communicating that your ad has begun serving impressions, and you can go to our reporting interface to track the performance of your campaign.

Running a Campaign

How many ads should I run in each campaign?

We recommend running at least two ads for each campaign to see which ad creative performs best, which will help you optimize your campaign—and it doesn't cost any more to run a campaign with multiple ads.

What targeting options are available?

Yahoo My Display Ads offers the following targeting options.

  • Geography (National, State, DMA)
  • Channel (site content, e.g., Automotive, Sports, Finance)
  • Demographic (age and gender)
  • Through our sales team, we also offer advance targeting options such as behavioral targeting, time-of-day, site placement and zip code level capabilities

If your business is specific to a particular area, geo-targeting can be a useful way to hone in on the audience in that area. The geo targeting levels are national, state or DMA.

Channel targeting allows you to specify the type of site content with which you would like your ads to run. For example, if you select “automotive,” we will attempt to target your ads to automotive sites in the Yahoo network. However, we recommend that you start your campaign with a “run-of-network” selection that will display your ads on sites across the Yahoo network based on your marketing goals.

If you want to further hone in on a specific audience within the Yahoo network, select gender and/or an age group from our demographic targeting options.

We recommend that you start your campaign with no targeting parameters selected. However, if you do have specific targeting needs, consider testing two campaigns with different targeting, one with no targeting parameters selected and another with targeting parameters, such as demographics, selected.

Reporting and Measuring Performance

What type of reporting is available?

Yahoo My Display Ads has an easy-to-use reporting interface in the UI that provides daily reports of key metrics by campaign, including impressions, clicks, click-through-rate, cost-per-click and conversions (when tracking tags are added).

Can I track actions or conversions on my site?

Yes; tractions (short for “action tracking”) allow you to track the number of actions or conversions on your website. You’ll place your traction code on the page that appears after the user completes the desired action or conversion (typically a thank you or confirmation page). The campaign reports will record actions only from users who visited your site after first clicking one of your ads.

Once you have placed the traction code on your site, you will be able to see if any of your ads have generated an action under our Reports tab. Once you receive your first action, the Campaigns report will show the number of completed actions or conversions, as well as a CPA (cost-per-acquisition) column that indicates how much you are paying for each completed action your campaign generates.


Why does it show my ad as “running” but there is no data in the reports?

When an ad is added to a campaign, it will have a “Running” status indicator. The ad will need to go through the approval process before the ad will deliver impressions. You can see the day the ads started running under the Campaign tab in the campaign summary page, or in reports.

Why isn’t my campaign running yet?

Once your campaign has been submitted, it is sent for editorial review before it can go live. This approval process generally takes approximately 1 to 4 business days. Shortly after your campaign is approved, the ads will be active and eligible to begin serving impressions.

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