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What is Yahoo Directory Submit?

Yahoo Directory Submit is a site suggestion service in which a fee is paid for expedited review of web sites submitted to the Yahoo Directory. This service is required for sites submitting to certain commercial categories in but is available for any site.

By signing up with Yahoo Directory Submit, you ensure that Yahoo will consider and respond to your suggestion in an expedited manner.

Your payment and participation in accordance with the Yahoo Directory Submit Service Agreement guarantee that a member of Yahoo's editorial staff will review your site, consider your suggestion to include the site in the directory, and respond to you within seven (7) business days from the date that you submit your site for consideration (excluding holiday periods observed by Yahoo and any delays due to problems processing your request). Response times are measured based on Yahoo's mail servers.

Important: Payment is for expedited review only and does not guarantee inclusion in the Directory, site placement, or site commentary. It only guarantees that Yahoo will respond to your suggestion within seven business days, by either adding or denying the site. If your site is added to the Yahoo Directory, you will be charged the nonrefundable, recurring annual fee.

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